Jenna Walenga
Jenna Walenga
Self Care and Wellness for the New Mom

Hey, Mama!

I’m Jenna.

I help moms find themselves again, so they can live (and parent) with more ease, love, and joy.

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Self care coaching for struggling mamas.

“Self care” has certainly become a buzzword these days, but more often than not I see it misinterpreted. You see, self care isn’t just manicures, massages, and bubble baths (although it certainly can include those things).

Self Care is…

  • Honoring yourself as an important person in your life.

  • Treating yourself with the respect and love you would offer to a dear friend or family member.

  • Recognizing that when you nourish your own needs, desires, and passions, you can live more truly as yourself and parent with more integrity, patience, and ease.

  • Allowing yourself to feel good, and modeling to our children the fulfilling and joyful life we want for them.

Ultimately, you need to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.


About Me:

I’m a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. I’m also an artist, a meditator, a cook, a party animal, a backpacker, a yogi, a conservationist, a friend, and so much more.

Most importantly (to me anyways) I’m happy.

But that wasn’t always true…


Client Reviews

I don’t yell at my kids anymore. We never talked about it specifically, but as I worked with Jenna, and felt more clearly myself and in control of my life, it just sort of happened naturally.
— Rachael K.
I have much more clarity around what truly matters in my life and I have concrete, practical ways to meet my personal needs and stay centered while also being a mom 24/7.
— Danae D.M.
Jenna made me feel comfortable, heard, understood, and gave me space to come into my own power and find my true voice. She’s one rad human.
— Karen M.
Jenna helps you more quickly find blind-spots and persistently, honestly and lovingly presses you to aim for and focus on what you want in life with love fueling your journey toward it.
— Lexy V.
I came to her wanting a shift in my physical health, but walked away with a shift in my entire being! I now feel more confidence, clarity, and joy than I’ve ever felt before!
— Erin Z.