New Perspectives: permission to look at things a new way through handstand

Do a 180. Gain a new outlook. Toss your fears aside! Turn everything upside down. Reinvigorate. Establish self trust. Ignite your courage. Find new balance. Reverse gravity. Welcome life's obstacles.

Last week, I called a personal coach (because that's what normal people do).  What I was looking for was advice on next steps to grow my business.  I've been trying to turn things up a notch and build something for myself, but I'm not 100 percent sure where to look.  Regardless of my reasons, I did it.  

What I expected was a couple fun questions or exercises to help me gain clarity on my true calling, think about who my ideal client was, and then most likely, a sales pitch about some online program that would help me move forward.  What I got instead, was a fucking handstand.

It's been a confusing year for me.  What I think I want doesn't seem to be working.  I made big moves to go forward and yet still seem to struggle, tethered to the same issues I've had for years.  I've been sick a lot. Injured a lot. Angry a lot. The complete stranger on the phone attempted to ask me completely normal (for a hippy) questions about what I was good at as a kid, what did I enjoy doing, what would be the last thing I did if I found out I would die in ten minutes (everything, being outside, have sex... none of these are currently the right career move for me).  I felt embarrassed that my answers weren't more clear.  That his tried and true questions left me feeling more confused, and now, upset that I was making his job more difficult!  Then, in the middle of what was supposed to be an uplifting exercise to envision my perfect life, he stopped and asked, "Why are you doing this to yourself? You sound miserable?" 

He was right.  I was miserable.  I was saying that everything lights me up (birds, music, painting, dancing, dogs, sunshine, meditation) but my attitude was one of complete dread and weight. And then a complete stranger told me it was okay to turn everything around.  He gave me permission to stop where I was, and turn around.  If I was normally so joyful but was rarely feeling joy, maybe I'm not going the right way.  If I was normally so healthy, but was suddenly always sick, maybe I'm not going the right way.

It was right in front of my face but I couldn't see it.  I had stood on my feet so long, that I forgot to stand on my hands. 

Needless to say, my coach didn't think I was a good candidate for building a business through their life-changing programs.  But he offered me permission to turn upside down, and that has gone a long way.

I wasn't letting myself see the truth because I was so deep in a one perspective, and it took a stranger from the outside to clue me in.  Like when you are doing a puzzle and you can't make the piece fit, and your neighbor comes over and casually rotates the piece, and it slides into place with ease. 

The decisions I've made since then more me toward joy. I trust in myself. I am reinvigorated. 

In your yoga practice or in your life.  I invite you to take a few handstands today. Acknowledge however you feel about it.  Maybe you are afraid, excited, unsure, or don't think you are strong enough.  Let that be just as it is, and try anyways (disclaimer: if you have never done a handstand before, please ask for help from an experienced teacher). I'm giving you the permission that was given to me.  Try a new perspective.  Ignite your courage.  Establish self trust.

Jenna Walenga