I'm happy to announce that there are more ways to find me in Seattle.  My updated schedule includes a weekly class at Vertical World, America's First Climbing Gym as well as rotating spots at Kula Movement in Ballard.

I'm so excited to be offering my classes at both of these amazing Seattle communities.  Teaching vinyasa to the dedicated climbers at Vertical World is inspiring and a lot of fun.  This is an energetic vinyasa class designed to bring focus and peace (as well as strength and flexibility) to the climbing community.  Because many of the students here are athletic and in tune with their bodies from their regular climbing practice, we get to play around and explore the ways yoga can support these other activities.  Even if you aren't a climber, this class is a great space to feel empowered and as well as take the time to increase mindfulness which will help you in any of your off-the-mat activities.  All Levels welcome of course! Every Friday from 5:45-7pm.

Kula Movement has also welcomed me and (in the tradition of Ana Forrest) is encouraging me to share my authentic voice.  I'll be subbing a variety of classes from Forrest Yoga (as I am not officially Forrest trained, this class is a strong Hatha class) to Gentle/Basic and Restorative.  Catch me for a Restorative at Kula for some yummy poses and a Yoga Nidra practice.  Your first chance is Sunday 2/26 from 6-7:15pm!

Jenna Walenga