Jenna Walenga
Jenna Walenga
Self Care and Wellness for the New Mom

We all want our children to be happy,

be sure you show them how.


We want our kids to be successful, well rounded, kind, and safe (yes!) but ultimately, we want all of these things because we want them to be happy.

To know love. To know joy. To know peace.

Isn’t it time you felt these things too?

Kids are little sponges, right? They suck up information like crazy. They watch us and learn what to do, how to face challenges, handle emotions, and even how to love, from the way we navigate these situations. It’s clear that the actions adults model are far more important than they words they speak.

You want your child to be happy, but are you truly modeling this possibility yourself? Are you living with joy, with purpose, and with love? Or are you bogged down by your failures, obsessed with to-do lists and “shoulds?” In striving to be the perfect parent or partner, have you lost sight of your own needs, dreams, joys?


It’s time to walk the walk.

It’s time to show up for yourself and love yourself the way you desperately want your children to.

It’s time to care for yourself when you need it, to relax into the flow of your life, to let your own passion and creativity shine, and to have compassion for your mistakes.

Ask yourself honestly, would you rather have a child who is “good” or a child who is happy?

Then don’t they deserve the same from their parents…

It’s time to nurture yourself.


You can’t pour from an empty cup.

In truth, self care for a mom isn’t selfish. It’s the best thing for your whole family.

My clients have seen time and time again, that when they put themselves last, it affects the rest of their household. They are more likely to yell, feel too tired to cook dinner, or put off the laundry (again).

But when they make room for themselves on their to-do lists, they are more able to act as the Mom they want to be: calm and patient when trouble arises, present for the belly laughs, and energized to cook a nourishing meal or walk the dog after dinner.


What would it mean to truly be present for your family?

You would relish the little joys and let the little errors slide.

You would discipline as a kind teacher not as a scary dictator.

You would be patient and calm under pressure.

You would show them there is more to life than going to work and going to bed.

You would laugh more and yell less!

I know, sounds good Jenna, but when? How?

I see you busy Mom.

That’s why you deserve some help.

Because self care isn’t just scheduling a massage. It’s about really committing to loving yourself and to leaning into your own joy. It’s showing up for yourself as you never have before.

As a coach, my job is to hold you accountable for the basic stuff: your health, self care practices, goals you’d like to accomplish…

But more than that I am here to help you truly shift into your highest self.

I’ll invite you to

  • Bravely unravel the fears and beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Find a deeper understanding of your own stories and limitations so you can begin to truly heal and change.

  • Release the mental chatter that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and never good enough.

  • Let go of the guilt that seems to follow you around, lurking behind every decision.

  • Return to your own heart’s guidance so you no longer feel the need to check the internet for every answer, able to truly trust your own instincts.

  • Find yourself again and live in love.

And oh yeah… feel like the joyful, happy, loving woman you are meant to be!

The first chat won’t cost you a thing! I’m here for you!