Happy Holidays Wellness Bootcamp 2017

When did the holiday season get so crazy? 

What once was "holly, jolly" and "merry and bright," now seems more "so much to do, so little time," and STRESS has replaced the old feelings of excitement, awe, and joy.

But there is a simple way to reclaim your holiday spirit.  Join my group program this December to find your way back to joy, love, and peace this year.


Running from Dec 6- Jan 3, 2017, You'll get:

  • Five 90 minute interactive group coaching sessions

  • A community of women rooting for you

  • Access to exclusive Facebook group to stay in touch

  • Weekly guided meditation recordings to use on your own

What we'll cover together:

Week 1- Ask For What You Want

Get super clear on how you do want to feel and what is holding you back.

Week 2- Destress and Release Anxiety

I'll teach you the best tools to start reducing your stress right away, in the heat of the moment so you can start finding some peace and calm.

Week 3- Energizing Your Body

We'll look at how to make the food and drink choices that will leave you energized.

Week 4- Cultivate Joy

I'll show you how to begin to welcome more joy into your life, so you can spread love to others and engage deeply in the spirit of the holidays with those around you.

Week 5- Moving Forward

We'll set our intentions for 2018 and learn how to carry with you the lessons you have learned in the bootcamp so your good feelings continue to radiate in you throughout your life.



ander-burdain-180587 (1).jpg
  • A stress free Holiday Season that allows you to focus on what's really important
  • A feeling of peace, calm, and control in the chaos, the sense balance you need
  • A guilt-free outlook on your diet, so you can enjoy parties and dinners without worrying about gaining weight
  • The energy to get it all done with ease
  • And a new community of women dedicated to supporting you as you close out the year 

Are you ready to close out 2017 with joy?