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Happy Holidays Wellness Bootcamp! December 2017

Remember what Christmas was like as a kid? Excitement.  Anticipation.  Wonder. Awe. Love. 

What happened? When did you lose sight of the joy and become a victim of the hustle and bustle?

It can be overwhelming.  Facing  crowds.  Hunting for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Hosting  parties for your friends and attending countless gatherings. Sugary, buttery food everywhere. Traveling.  Distant relatives asking why you still aren’t married.  Work deadlines. HOLIDAY STRESS.

Don’t just survive another Holiday season. Thrive.  Give yourself the gift this year of joy and peace, and surround yourself with other women looking for the same thing.

Let this bootcamp restore a sense of peace and balance in your life this holiday season. 


Give yourself the gift of your most peaceful holiday season ever!

In the month of December you'll recieve:

  • Five weekly 90 minute LIVE Interactive group coaching sessions (with Q&A)
  • Access to an exclusive group of women dedicated to supporting you and working towards the same goals
  • Weekly recorded guided meditations to listen to whenever and whereever