Lexy V.

When I came to Jenna, I knew I had already accomplished a lot in life. Reaching my past achievements, however, came despite brutal inner criticism. I knew I did not want to reach my future personal and professional goals using self-judgment and fear of rejection as tools to lash at myself until I crossed the finish line anymore. The cost to one's mental and physical health when motivated by too much fear is too high. I'd also recently come out of an emotionally abusive relationship. I was at a point where I knew I needed to learn how to deeply love and care for myself no matter what. Having a therapist helped, but I also wanted someone who had the license to challenge me when necessary, hold me accountable and teach me practices that could help me get through mental hurdles. In addition to guiding me through breathing, meditation and visualization exercises that helped calm and clarify my perspectives on life, Jenna knew when to call bullshit on my self-saboteur.

Having a coach to guide me through some a major life transformation helped so much. Every individual can open up self-transformation on their own, but sometimes you just don't even know what you don't know. A coach like Jenna helps you more quickly find blind-spots and persistently, honestly and lovingly presses you to aim for and focus on what you want in life with love fueling your journey toward it. Week after week, our talks, exercises and challenges that she kept me accountable for made it easier for me to make progress on my health, my social life and a creative project with less judgment, more love and practical action. She has a great intuition that I sometimes felt like I was daring to trust because her advice seemed counter-intuitive to what I wanted to see happen and how I had operated before. I would always find out later she knew exactly what she was doing.  Her combined knowledge of holistic health practices and how to encourage people to completely invest themselves in what makes them happy is why I chose her in the first place. Fortunately, my intuition was right on. 

Erin Z.

The time I spent working with Jenna was invaluable. I came to her wanting a shift in my physical health, but walked away with a shift in my entire being! While I learned a lot about nutrition and creating healthy habits, she ultimately helped me to realize that all the effort in the world cannot compensate for a lack of self-love. That was truly a game-changer for me. I now feel more confidence, clarity, and joy than I’ve ever felt before!

Jenna cares deeply about the people in her life, and you quickly become one of them when you decide to work with her. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s ready for a transformation!

Jenna is incredibly intuitive. During guided meditations, she would often say exactly what I was thinking or exactly what I needed to hear. She has a unique combination of wit and insight, allowing her to crack me up and blow my mind at the same time!

Additionally, she is a gifted motivator. Regardless of how I was feeling before our weekly phone calls, I always hung up the phone ready to take on the world! With Jenna’s help, I was able to identify patterns of thought and behavior that had gone unnoticed for years. She guided me to discover the underlying  issues that fueled these unhealthy cycles, which allowed me to begin to break free of them.