What will happen if I work with a life coach? (It's not what you expect).

When considering working with a coach, you might be wondering just what exactly you will get from it. There are a wide range of claims out there, from losing weight and gaining confidence to increased happiness and joy (and that’s just what I’m good at, haha).

But I recently wrapped with a client after 6 months together (that’s actually 2 cycles for my schedule), and I wanted to share some of her final A-ha’s to help showcase the TRUE RESULTS of working with a good life coach.

We had spent our final session reflecting back on the amazing success and progress she had made, and the ways that she has shifted and changed, and in her words, "I don't even fully know yet the impact this has really had." To briefly summarize, she had learned how to manage her own life. To coach herself through difficult situations, to see her thoughts and beliefs as they were and to not let her control her.

In my opinion, a good coach doesn’t just give you the answers, they help you see them for yourself. Because if you have to come to me every time you face a challenge, then I have not served you.

As intuitively called, I led her through one final brief experience of feeling into her own true nature (something we have done in different ways many times before). I guided her to notice the peace, truth, love (and more) that she held in her heart in that moment, and assured her that it would always be there, and watched as small tears rolled down her cheeks.

Once she opened her eyes, she explained, “I feel as if I’m having a massive a-ha right in this moment. I've always been looking for this outside myself, and am now really realizing that I don't have to anymore." 

Yes, my loves, all the you seek is already inside you. I noticed that I actually felt a bit sad, that she was just now getting this, because this is what I want to yell from the rooftops to every mother and child I see (that includes all of you!). But the truth is, as she admitted, 6 months ago she would not have understood. She had to take the full journey to opening up to the truth herself. She had to go through some baby steps and some challenges and some other shifts before she could hear it. And here she is now, expressing the wisdom often shared from Ram Dass and Thich Nhat Hanh, but that came from within.

I want you to know, this client didn’t start meditating every day to get here. She didn’t go on a retreat to India or change everything about her life. She simply made small changes (which she chose) and opened herself up to seeing her thoughts and actions for what they were instead of letting them control her. She did nothing extraordinary that you could not also do.

I am incredibly proud of her and the work she has done to come to this understanding. I am so excited to see how she grows from the experience as she moves forward. I know the world is a better place because her light is shining more freely. And I know the lives of her children will be greatly impacted by her knowing of this truth.

This is why I do this work. Because every single person in the world deserves to know the truth. That everything they seek is already inside them. I am so blessed to guide women to their own truth and understanding. To help them uncover the love, joy, and that which has no words but is in each of us always. If you are ready to uncover your own truth and wisdom, you are in the right place.

Jenna Walenga