Don’t forget love; it will bring all the madness you need to unfurl yourself across the universe. Mirabai

I must admit that we were warned before the birth of our first child to prepare for postpartum: to rally our support teams, to know our boundaries, and to ask for help. And like so many first time parents, we smiled and nodded and assured everyone we would. But once those wise elders left, I cried. I didn’t know who would care for me. I didn’t know what I needed, and my solution to those issues was to simply ignore them and do it on my own.

Well this time around is different. I have called upon the village that I have, and if you have found yourself on your website you are a part of that village. So thank you! We love you! We are so happy for your support.

But we know it isn’t easy to know what to do and many of you are far away. So this website is to help us both. We’ve broken down our needs and wants into a couple categories and you should feel free to give in whatever ways work best for you. Most importantly, know that even though I am not going to send a thank you note (let’s be clear about that now), we greatly appreciate every kind thought and generous offering you send our way.

All our love,

Jenna and Trent (and two gremlins).

Visiting at home

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