Before working with Jenna I didn't have a clear understanding of my priorities and what made me feel grounded. As a new mom, I was struggling to meet my own needs while also being the dedicated, compassionate parent I wanted to be. Now I have much more clarity around what truly matters in my life and I have concrete, practical ways to meet my personal needs and stay centered while also being a mom 24/7.

Danae D.M.

I would share one particular conversation, in which, it was such a simple thing, but I felt a shift in my life towards wholeness. Jenna was able to help me unearth a value in my life that I wasn't fully living into. Without the focus on community in my life, I had been feeling burned out, de-energized, and like I didn't have my "life's great work" or mission. With just the simple spotlight on that value of community, I dusted it off, breathed some space into it, and left the conversation ready to move forward. Thank you Jenna for your listening ear, your awesome questions, and for extending care in just the right, empowering ways.

Kim B.

Jenna helps you more quickly find blind-spots and persistently, honestly and lovingly presses you to aim for and focus on what you want in life with love fueling your journey toward it. Week after week, our talks, exercises and challenges that she kept me accountable for made it easier for me to make progress on my health, my social life and a creative project with less judgment, more love and practical action. She has a great intuition that I sometimes felt like I was daring to trust because her advice seemed counter-intuitive to what I wanted to see happen and how I had operated before. I would always find out later she knew exactly what she was doing.  Her combined knowledge of holistic health practices and how to encourage people to completely invest themselves in what makes them happy is why I chose her in the first place. Fortunately, my intuition was right on.  READ MORE…

Lexy V.

The time I spent working with Jenna was invaluable. I came to her wanting a shift in my physical health, but walked away with a shift in my entire being! I now feel more confidence, clarity, and joy than I’ve ever felt before!

She is incredibly intuitive. With Jenna’s help, I was able to identify patterns of thought and behavior that had gone unnoticed for years. She guided me to discover the underlying issues that fueled these unhealthy cycles, which allowed me to begin to break free of them. With her unique combination of wit and insight, she will crack you up and blow your mind at the same time! Jenna cares deeply about the people in her life, and you quickly become one of them when you decide to work with her. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s ready for a transformation! READ MORE…

Erin Z.

Working with Jenna kickstarted a transformative chapter of my life. I initially sought her expertise to heal my disordered relationship with food but ended up healing my disordered relationship with myself. Jenna made me feel comfortable, heard, understood, and gave me space to come into my own power and find my true voice. She's one rad human - I would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone looking to level up their existence

Karen M.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your time as my coach.  Our sessions forced me confront some of my insecurities and you taught me that the first step in wanting to improve my health and fitness, is learning to just love and care for myself. You made me see that when I feel better about myself as a person, I naturally want to take better care of myself and making healthy choices becomes that much easier because it feels good. So thank you! 

Erica A.

In 90 days I've been able to really learn to be more aware of my emotions and to put myself first as a key part of managing my overall wellness. Originally I was looking for coaching as part of a revamp of my diet. Jenna was not only able to really help me learn and leverage tools to drive healthy eating habits, she was also able to help me uncover underlying causes that got in the way of progress in the past. Jenna's approach is very holistic and her ability help her clients execute a holistic wellness plan is one of her gifts. She's a great listener, very empathetic and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her. 

Anka T.

Working with Jenna has been a great way to address my health big picture. As someone who’s struggled with chronic illness for years, it’s important to take into consideration each component of health. Working with Jenna has allowed me to look at manageable ways to address my health holistically. Jenna is an excellent resource for learning and growth, and I’ve been so grateful to have her on my team.  If you’re looking for new strategies to address health challenges in any area of your life, Jenna will provide not just advice but emotional and mental support to follow through with acting on those challenges.

Victoria B.

Jenna helped me realize a new, healthy perspective on my relationship to money. She listened intently, recognized my historical and present thoughts, and showed me how to feel powerful about my money situation instead of my original shame and guilt. Jenna is a great listener and trend identifier. She’ll empower you and help you find your own solutions to meet any of your life goals.

Amy H.